Learn to get Organized

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This is not a library sponsored event.

Purpose of Meeting

Free class on how to organize your home and your life. 


Class Description: Feeling stressed and overwhelmed about your home or life? Meet Aisi. A Professional Organizer dedicated to help transfer her knowledge to those that want to live their best organized life. A true testament to what can be accomplished as a Mother,  Entrepreneur, Wife, Daughter and Community Member when you are organized. In this hour you will complete 2 proprietary quizzes which will break down that overwhelmed feeling of not knowing where to start. After this class you will be fired up and want to get on your way to being organized! Bring your specific challenges and she will give you expert advice to help you further. 



Aislinn N Ellis, AKA Ms. Organized, is on a mission to reach and motivate 25,000,000 people with her motto, “Why Organize? ... Because it matters!” She is the Owner and Operator of Ask Aisi, LLC. Best known for her personable nature, she has a dedication for public speaking, mentoring and connecting others. She’s a brutally honest woman of faith and community. As a survivor of domestic violence, she knows all too well how precious and fleeting life can be. In 2017, she quit the family business and followed her father’s entrepreneurial spirit. She worked hard and became a Professional Organizer – her true calling. This passion is endorsed by her mother who confirms that as a child she would re-organize her room every week. She believes it made her feel she could create order within her chaotic world. A middle child with a brother on either side, she did not have the easiest time growing up. Forced to leave her family home at 17, she has had to meet, greet and beat all sorts of obstacles. During these unsettling times she is more devoted than ever to advocate for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Her superpower is seeing the chaos in people’s lives and wanting nothing more than to help them control it in ways that work for them. Arizona has been her home for nearly 30 years and she’s going to make sure it’s organized…because it matters!